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Cultivating Company Culture: How We Keep Spirits High

Company Culture

Fostering a good company culture is kind of like concocting the perfect witches’ brew: With the right mix, magic happens. But beware — this too requires proper care. Even one wrong ingredient can make for chaos.

At D Custom, we take company culture seriously because teamwork truly does make the dream work. Like, actually: Studies show that a positive company culture improves employee retention, productivity, work quality, and overall health.

I’ll spare you the “work hard, play hard” cliché, but our team does do a lot of pretty cool things. From turning the office into a witchy lair to cooking classes and team lunches at the park, here’s a peek at how we keep our company culture thriving.

Sound like somewhere you want to be? We’re looking for new people to add to the team.

Getting in the Spirit

In the name of Halloween, we changed our name to D Coven for the week and converted the office to match, decking out our space with spell books, candles, potions, cobwebs, and even our own DIY Ouija board (newest team member is our office ghost, Carl).


As an office of creatives, we had a lot of fun decking out our space — and all of the scheming made for creative problem-solving, collaboration, and laughs. Hey, nothing says team bonding like dry-ice missions and drawing cat whiskers on your coworker’s face.

Giving Back

Our charity of choice is United Way, a nonprofit that supports and develops groups focused on improving health, education, and income in our community. With their help, we’ve created a D Custom program where we partner with local nonprofits in need of marketing guidance to develop personalized strategies unique to their business. It’s a great way for us to work together to use our expertise to give back.

Another United Way event we love is Dr. Seuss Reading Day. Every March, to commemorate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, our team rolls out to local elementary schools to share our love of creativity with elementary-age kids. (We once got so into it that we even penned our own Seussical tale.)


Quarterly Outings

Special events aren’t the only time we’re focused on company culture. Each quarter, our president makes a presentation to give us a comprehensive update of the company’s standings: new leads, areas for improvement, projected growth, and so on. It’s compounded with an anonymous employee survey where we all share our thoughts about what’s working and what’s not. This reset allows us to evaluate how we’re doing as an agency both as a big picture and in the details so that we can keep making improvements from every angle.

The really fun part: After discussing the results, we transition to a team outing, like bowling, terrarium-building, trivia, arcade games, or cooking classes.


Daily Culture Boosts 

Organized events to benefit company culture are important, but there are plenty of ways we individually contribute to making this a great place to work. We start each week with a mic drop to highlight employee appreciation, make random Starbucks runs together, and celebrate monthly birthdays.


Each of these daily additions to company culture make the workplace feel a little more like home. And we’ve found that when you spend your nine-to-five in a place you actually want to be, your best work follows.

Did you read this blog and think, Man, I wish my office were more like this? You’re in luck: We’re looking for both spring interns and full-time employees to join our crew. Contact us if you want to learn more.