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Why You Need a Strategy

Kids playing soccer outside

Have you ever watched a bunch of 4-year-olds play a soccer game for the first time? Every kid’s just trying to kick the ball, no one knows which goal is theirs, and it’s the most adorable chaos you’ve ever seen. Orange slices for everyone!

What’s not so adorable is when your content team has a similar lack of strategy. Everyone’s just racing to get some content out the door with no goal in mind. And while they may not keep score in peewee soccer, you can definitely lose in the business world. No orange slices for you.

Does your company have a content marketing strategy in place or are you all just kicking the ball as hard as you can?

Does my business need a strategy refinement?

Which Goal Is Yours?

Ask any soccer coach; successful strategies begin with a common understanding of which goal you are going after. For content marketers, the goal is better engagement with prospects, customers, and even employees. Every component of your content strategy should tie back to your goal.

What Can a Successful Content Strategy Do for You? Show customers how you are different than your competitors.

What are your strengths and why are they meaningful to your best customers? Content marketers must understand their market, the competition, their best customers, and how their brand fits into this mix.

Focus on the customers you want to engage most.

Great content will always be developed with your personas in mind. Don’t worry about getting stuck in a rut with outdated personas; they will likely change over time. This is especially true due to the digital transformation most companies are navigating.

Reach customers at the right time when they are considering what to buy.

Good content finds the ideal audience in the channels they use and trust most when thinking about a purchase. Knowing how they navigate the journey will ensure you have the right messages in the right media effectively engaging your customers at each step of the cycle.

Understand what is and is not working.

Without a plan for monitoring, measuring, and optimizing your content, your hard work can never pay off. If your content is doing well, you never know, and if it is doing poorly, you can never fix it. Test and measure everything. You might be surprised by what you learn. Read more about defining your content marketing strategy on the blog.