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Create Your Chart-Topping Social Media Mixtape

Media Mixtape

We’re flashing back to the 1980s, to the days of MTV videos, hair bands, and — more specifically — to the wonders of the cassette mixtape.

A stellar mixtape requires knowledge of your audience (Kenny Rogers or Kenny Loggins? How many songs do I need to communicate “I love you” but in a totally not-desperate way?), technical know-how (press the record and play button at the same time), timing and patience (sure, you can do the fast play and record, but you’re going to lose out on quality), and killer graphics (duh, you have to decorate the tape cover).

How do I make a media mixtape?

If you’ve ever made a mixtape, then you already possess the skills required to be a social media whiz. So fast-forward to today, and apply those same skills to your content marketing plan.

Know Your Listeners

Align your message to the correct demographics. Are you targeting consumers over 30? Focus on Facebook. Is your audience made up of decision-makers looking for B2B solutions? LinkedIn will help you reach them. If millennials are who you’re after, spend your efforts on Snapchat and Instagram.

If you’re trying to reach a larger audience, consider paid social media. Under no condition should you shotgun-blast your message across all channels. Think about it: Would you send the same favorite slow song to your best friend, your crush, and your brother? Exactly.

Take Requests

What is the magic number of messages you should be posting each day or each week? Unlike mixtapes, which had a strict 60-minute threshold, there is no limit to the number of posts you can launch into the universe.

“Daily” is the go-to answer for most social media channels, especially Facebook and Twitter. Your stats should be what govern your decision-making — are people following or unfollowing you? When? Why? If your followers are going up, figure out the reason and repeat that chorus.

Choose Cool Tunes

What ultimately makes a mixtape great is not the effort, but the execution. The same goes for your social media plan. Curate content that is persuasive and engaging, aligned to your brand voice and strategic direction, and offers value to readers.

Your graphics should be thoughtful, creative, and professional. And you should be prepared to accommodate shifting preferences and moods. In short, pay attention to the details. (Try to remember how amazing it was when someone made the effort to fade the music versus a jolting, hard stop.)

Move Up the Charts

It takes time and patience to figure out how to use social media to your advantage. It’s not an accident when things go well — there’s actually some science to it. So get acquainted with your analytics system and take meticulous notes. There’s no secret recipe to marketing or mixtapes — but when you get it right, the results are music to your ears (and your bottom line).

Contact me for more tips on crushing your social media plan.