Spelling Out the ABCs of B2B2C

It might sound like a recipe for alphabet soup, but the potential of the hybrid business model known as B2B2C is easy to swallow, even if the acronym doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

What is B2B2C?

For the uninitiated, the model is “business to business to consumer,” and executed properly, it can bring manifold returns on investment. A collaborative process that blends business-to-business (B2B) with business-to-consumer (B2C), it’s an all-encompassing and impactful marketing strategy that rolls the appetizer and the entree into one, while still saving room for dessert.

B2B2C companies need to reach out to consumers as the end point for their marketing goals, but their execution also needs to take care of that business in the middle. In other words, if you remember about the B and the C, then you’ll probably score an A.

Identifying Opportunity 

One of my favorite examples of a successful B2B2C business is the program we run for our client Texas Farm Bureau Insurance. On one hand, it’s a B2C company that aims to sell insurance to customers. But beneath that simple goal is a more sophisticated marketing plan that provides a great blueprint for B2B2C integration.

The company’s corporate marketing head took into consideration that, although the company is selling insurance policies, it essentially hires individual agents around Texas to be the face of the company to consumers. Those agents are the ones sitting at kitchen tables and advising customers which plan is best for them.

With that in mind, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance sought to empower and equip those agents with some marketing tools to help them promote themselves and the company to consumers.

Finding a Solution

So the company created a program we call Texas Heritage for Living®. It consists of agent-sponsored print magazines, videos, customized websites, social media posts, infographics, and various other marketing assets across every conceivable channel.

Agents are able to opt in to the program, and we then distribute the content to all of those marketing channels on the agent’s behalf, giving the agent a bigger presence in the market while creating awareness and starting conversations about insurance coverage and related topics.

Not at any part of the process is the B2B2C concept forgotten — that those agents are in between the company and the policyholders. Just like any successful B2B2C company, it fully embraces its responsibilities at all points of that cycle.

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