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Trouble Educating Customers? Have You Tried “Edu-taining” Them Instead?

Avocados | education blog

“If you don’t know me by now, you will never never ever know me.” So goes the classic slow jam. But when it comes to selling product to new customers, often, getting to know the product is more than half the battle, given that lack of product education is the primary barrier to the sale.

So, what if your customers aren’t interested in being educated? What if they aren’t convinced education is even a necessary part of their purchase decision process? Or worse, what if they think they already know all that there is to know about you and what you offer?

We Don’t Need No Education

Have you considered “edu-tainment?” Our friends at Avocados From Mexico (AFM) knew early on that they weren’t alone in their love for the delicious green fruit. Many love its very popular dip-able version, guacamole, at a restaurant or party.

But, based on research, AFM also knew that most consumers aren’t all that confident when it comes to going to the grocery store and purchasing avocados on their own. Depending on when and how you want to eat an avocado, you need to know when it’s ripe. And once you’ve peeled and de-pitted it (not as easy as it sounds), you’ll want to know how to preserve the part you don’t use to avoid wasting it. Just reading those last two sentences alone is enough to make many people throw their hands up and say, “I’ll just leave it to the experts the next time I’m craving guacamole.” So much for selling more avos.

Simply posting detailed directions and helpful how-to videos on its website wasn’t enough to give many customers the confidence to purchase and prepare avocados. If AFM was going to be successful in achieving its ultimate goal, convincing shoppers to add avos to their weekly grocery shopping lists, it was going to have to be a little more creative in reinforcing the how-tos of purchasing and preparing them.

The Birth of “Edu-tainment”

One effective tool for doing just that has been edu-tainment. AFM tapped one of its brand evangelists, Pati Jinich, to help out. In addition to being the host of Pati’s Mexican Table on PBS and an accomplished chef, Pati leads an extraordinary life traveling the globe, meeting dignitaries and other celebrities, and appearing on several national TV shows and at big events throughout the year.

D Custom helped AFM work with Pati to tell and promote her exciting stories through recurring blogs and, while doing so, use these entertaining stories to work in educational avo tips to inspire customers to make their next meal extraordinary, too. The avo tips have proven effective so far — who doesn’t need a good kitchen hack from time to time? Delivered through this format, the educational how-to videos have become some of the most viewed content on their site.

Due to its executional flexibility, content marketing presents an effective tool for educating customers. For AFM, this meant promoting blogs and videos via social media. Perhaps you might need to send out white papers via email. Through this, you can elaborate upon and illustrate complex solutions, and reinforce them over an extended period of time.

Contact me for more advice on how you might implement some “edu-tainment” content strategies of your own.